Welcome to the world of international exhibitions with "WORLD SILK WAY" company!
Take a look at our upcoming events in 2024:
1. HomeTech & Electra – Kazakhstan International Exhibition of Household Appliances and Electronics
Date: July 30-31, August 1, 2024
Venue: Atakent Exhibition Center, Almaty city
2. Qaz Innovate Expo – Kazakhstan International Exhibition of Innovative Technologies, Materials, and Services
Date: August 28-30, 2024
Venue: “Expo” International Exhibition Center, Astana city
Our exhibition is
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    Wide range of industries
    We offer a diverse selection of high-quality products at competitive wholesale prices, allowing attendees to make purchases across various sectors
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    Industry experts and speakers
    We provide access to experienced market leaders who share unique insights and valuable business development information with exhibition participants
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    Networking opportunities
    Our exhibitions offer valuable networking opportunities, allowing participants to establish beneficial connections with entrepreneurs and major trading organizations
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    Direct sales
    We facilitate direct agreements with factory manufacturers, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring advantageous terms for attendees to make direct purchases
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Exhibition Partners
You can showcase your unique products on an international scale and establish profitable business partnerships directly with buyers.
Participating in the exhibition offers the opportunity for:
You can establish valuable professional connections and enter into profitable long-term partnerships with international manufacturers and suppliers.
Visiting the exhibition offers the opportunity for:
The International Exhibition is organized by the «WORLD SILK WAY» LLP. Our company is dedicated to providing full support to entrepreneurs at various stages of their interactions. We assist in finding potential partners for procurement, accompany the process of establishing joint ventures, and arrange meetings with the most suitable partners.
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